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How to Make Money With Canva in 2024 (10 Simple Ways)

Canva is an online graphic design tool that helps you to create/design social media posts, flyers, printables, presentations, videos, etc. It is one of the most user-friendly apps to get things done quickly and easily!

Now, one of the frequently asked question –

Is it possible to make money using Canva? Can you make money with Canva?

The answer is a Big “YES!”

If you’ve used Canva for a while and have decent practice using the application, then it’s time to monetize your skill. Here are the 10 most amazing ways to make money using Canva.

How To Make Money With Canva

1. Freelancing

The first way to make money using Canva is freelancing. You can use your Canva skills to help your clients with designing tasks. And if you’ve some other skills in hand, then it’s a bonus! Like you can help them with Social Media Management, Content Creation services, becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) etc.

Nowadays most businesses are going online and people need eye-catching graphics to support their brand. So, just imagine the number of opportunities you have with a basic designing skill that you can offer using Canva!

As a freelancer, you can get clients from social media platforms or try freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, people per hour etc. If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest you to start with Fiverr and parallelly search clients or apply for jobs posted on social media platforms. Take a look at this screenshot for some inspiration –

make money using Canva and Fiverr (Canva Fiverr Gig)
Check out the gig for more details

2. Make Money Selling Canva Templates

There are many small businesses that prefer using Canva templates instead of hiring a graphic designer. Using Canva templates gives you the flexibility to edit and customize your content/design as per your preference and it saves a lot of time as well because you don’t have to design everything from scratch.

As a designer, you can create your own designs on Canva and sell them as templates on platforms like Etsy, Creative Fabrica, etc. or even create customized templates for your clients. Now, you must be thinking that if there are thousands of templates already available on Canva, then why do people spend on this? That’s because when you purchase a set of templates, you get a cohesive theme of designs and you get to stand out from the crowd, which is difficult when you use the templates that are already available in Canva.

Note: If you’re planning to sell Canva templates on the above mentioned platforms, make sure to create the templates from scratch to avoid any copyright issues. You cannot edit and sell already available templates in canva library.

3. Make Money with Canva Coaching

Now, this option is pretty straightforward! If you’re an expert in Canva, you can share your knowledge and teach people on a 1:1 basis or group coaching.

4. Canva Affiliate

Want to promote and help Canva to reach new people? And what if I say you can get paid for doing this! Yes, another way to make money with Canva is to become a Canva Affiliate. All you need to do is to sign up for Canva affiliate program and promote Canva.

Canva’s affiliate program is available to anyone who fits into one of the following categories:

  • Design Influencer: You’re a blogger or content creator who is active in the design community
  • Design Educator: You teach design online
  • You have a large audience in the same niche

Here are the detailed instructions to become Canva affiliate and some helpful tips to earn more with the Canva affiliate program.

5. Canva Creators Program

In Canva Creators Program, you can create templates and publish them to Canva library. So, if you want to sell your Canva templates directly on the Canva marketplace itself to earn royalties whenever someone uses your templates, then this method can also be a great side-hustle to hop on!

Become a Canva Creator and make money using Canva Creators Program
Canva Creators Program

Note: Canva Creators program is in beta stage i.e. Canva is onboarding only a small set of creators for this program, but you can apply for this program from here with your portfolio and upload your designs once you get approved.

6. Canva Contributor Program

You can sell a wide range of media in Canva from photos & graphics to animated stickers & videos. In case you’re interested, you can signup for the program from here.

make money with Canva Contributor Program (How to become a Canva Contributor)
Canva Contributor Program

7. Content Creation

One of my favorite ways to make money using Canva!

Love Canva? Start creating content around it! You can create content and grow your brand on social media platforms or even start a YouTube channel. There are many creators who have made their mark and a good following by creating content on Canva. Even I share a lot of helpful content related to Canva on YouTube and Instagram. Do check out my YT channel –

And You can literally create content on any niche of your interest with the help of Canva. The possibilities are endless!

8. Create designs for POD sites

POD sites are nothing but Print On Demand sites where you can upload your design and they take care of the manufacturing, delivery, etc. So, it allows you to earn a modest fee on each sale of their items that incorporate your design. Some of the reputed POD sites that you can explore are Redbubble, Printful, Merch by Amazon, Zazzle, etc.

9. Create and Sell your own products

You must have seen influencers sell their personalized products/merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, etc., or people selling their e-books or printables like wall arts, planners, etc. Again, the possibilities are endless! It all depends on how creative you can get with Canva plus some marketing skills to promote your products is a bonus. You can either sell your products on your website or a platform like Etsy would be great, as it already has a huge buying audience.

10. Create & Sell Your Own Canva Course

If you’re a canva expert, then why not create a course for beginners or advance Canva course for platforms like Udemy, teachable etc. You can also sell your courses on social media platforms if you’ve a good following and some marketing skills to promote your course.

There are some people who say that Canva does not require any skill. Yes, Canva is simple to learn, but it will be wrong to say that Canva does not require any skill. The most important skill is creativity.. how creative you can be and that comes irrespective of the tools that you use. Of course, it has its pros and cons, but then which tool is perfect? Also, if you’re a beginner in designing, then I’d suggest to start with learning some basic graphic design principles that will help you to improve your designs.

Did you find this helpful? Interested in discovering more secrets and tips to make money on Canva? Read ‘Cash In with Canva‘ for additional insights.

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