Your Social Bae

Welcome! I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by. I’m Jyoti, also known as Your Social Bae. I’m all about helping your brand shine on social media. With a passion for design and a background in Computer Engineering, I blend creativity with technical savvy to make content creation fun and effective.

“Knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge is the key to unlocking that power.”

Through this blog, my goal is to share what I’ve learned and my genuine experiences with you. You may already know me from Instagram and YouTube, where I share valuable content on Canva, design tips, and other insights into content creation.

Outside of work, I’m an introvert and a passionate cat lover. I find solace in creativity and am always exploring new trends and techniques in social media design. I thrive on creative challenges and love collaborating with clients to bring their visions to life. Let’s connect and explore how we can elevate your brand’s presence together!

For collaborations or inquiries, feel free to reach out at 📩 yoursocialbae@gmail.com