How to become a Canva Affiliate
How to earn money online using canva affiliate program

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How to become a Canva Affiliate?

Did you know that you can earn money by just spreading the word about Canva? Yes, you heard that right! If you love Canva and are passionate about it, Canva Affiliate Program is an amazing way to make a good amount of passive income.

This blog post will give you a complete overview of the Canva affiliate program, how to become a Canva affiliate partner, what is the latest update on the eligibility criteria to be a Canva Affiliate, and how you can start making money by promoting a Canva Pro subscription without any hassle.

All About Canva Affiliate Program with the latest Updates

What is Canva Affiliate Program?

Being a canva affiliate means you promote Canva Pro and earn for every Canva Pro subscriber who signs up with your unique referral link. The cookie-based affiliate tracking software allows affiliates to be credited within 30 days of the first click.

Why Canva?

Here are the reasons why:

  • Canva is one of the most user-friendly tools that make designing easy and fun.
  • It has an endless choice of elements, photos, and templates available in the canva library.
  • Canva has over 18 million users and growing every day.
  • It is available on desktop, mobile (iOS and Android), and iPad.
  • Canva offers a wide range of services from posters, presentations, videos, websites, etc.
  • You won’t believe it, but Canva is available in 100+ languages. Amazing, right

How much can we earn being a Canva Affiliate?

You can earn up to $36 for every canva pro subscriber that comes with your unique referral link. For yearly Pro memberships, you can earn a one-off commission. Or, if your referral signs up for a monthly subscription, you’ll earn a monthly commission for the first two months of their membership.

Who can be a Canva Affiliate Partner? (The Latest Update)

Previously, the Canva Affiliate Program was available to anyone who had a passion for designing like design educators, influencers, and so on. Now with the latest update, the Canva Affiliate Program is becoming more stringent and is planning to focus towards individual content creators. This change reflects Canva’s evolving direction and dedication to supporting creators. As a result, non-creator partners will no longer be supported in the program.

To qualify as an individual creator and become a Canva Affiliate partner, there are specific criteria to meet.

  • Active Presence within The Canva Community: You must consistently create at least one piece of Canva-related content or training every month.
  • Number of Followers: You should have a social audience of at least 5,000 followers on one of the following channels: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Identify yourself as an Individual Content Creator: As an individual creator, you should identify with one of the specified personas, including being a social media content creator, workshop facilitator, webinar or podcast host, or course developer.

By fulfilling these criteria, individuals can leverage their creativity and influence to collaborate effectively with Canva as an affiliate partner.

Note: This criteria is also applicable to the existing affiliate partners, so only the qualified content creators will be seamlessly transitioned to a new program that offers exciting rewards.

How to apply for Canva Affiliate Program?

The Canva Pro affiliate partner program is managed by a third party called Impact. If you have never used this program as an affiliate, you must create an account at the time of application. Otherwise, you can log into Impact with your existing account details and select Canva from the list of brands in the top left corner of the dashboard. You make money with it only after the Canva team approves your application.

Canva Affiliate Program

You can sign up for the Canva affiliate program from here. Refer to this page for more details on how to apply for the Canva Affiliate Program.

What is the process to become a Canva Affiliate?

  1. Click here to sign up for the Canva Affiliate Program. This will take you to the Impact page for the program. And if you’re already a registered user on Impact, then just choose Canva from the list of brands.
  2. Enter all the details about you and your audience. Give as much information as you can and that’s it!
  3. Wait for approval. The Canva team contacts you within 48-72 hours to let you know the outcome of your application.

If you’re approved, Congratulations! A welcome email will be sent to your inbox along with the guidelines, tips, and instructions to get you started with your affiliate journey.

What is the process to promote Canva Pro as an affiliate partner?

Inside your impact account, you’ll get two types of links:

An HTML code: This creates a display ad/banner for Canva that will show up once you embed the code on a website page. It’s best to place these ads in places your audience will most likely see them, such as on your homepage or in a sidebar of your website.

A Tracking link: This is a more simplified link that is easy to include anywhere you communicate with your audience online. You may choose to include it as a text link inside blog posts or email newsletters when you’re talking about Canva Pro, in your podcast and YouTube video description, as a link on your Instagram story, or inside your social media bios. You may even choose to personally send these links to people you believe may be interested in Canva Pro.

Impact affiliate link for canva affiliate program

You can also find this link on your homepage, on the right-hand side, in a section that says ‘create a link.’

These links will take the person to a landing page for Canva Pro. If they successfully sign-up for Canva pro, well done!

As mentioned earlier, the cookie period is 30 days i.e. if a user clicks on your link and takes the next step of upgrading to Canva pro within 30 days, you will get paid.

1. Create Canva related content on YouTube and share your affiliate link in the video description.

2. Add your Canva affiliate link in your Instagram bio.

3. Promote Canva in your blog using your content as well as banners in the header/sidebar.

4. If you sell Canva related digital products, you can share your affiliate link in the deliverables as well with your customers.

5. Pinterest is also a good medium to drive traffic to your Canva affiliate link. Just make sure the pins are valuable, making people to click on and re-pin.

So, I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments; always happy to help! Also, Canva regularly updates its programs, so refer to its official page here to keep a check on the updates for the Canva Affiliate Program.

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