Instagram Post Ideas to spice up your Instagram feed and bring more engagement and followers

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15 Instagram Post Ideas to Try out in 2024

Are you a content creator? Looking for some great post ideas to spice up your Instagram feed?

Well, if the answer is “Yes”, then you’re at the right place!

It can be difficult to consistently come up with amazing content ideas to post on Instagram, but as a content creator, I’m sure you understand the importance of consistency when it comes to posting.

Here are 15 great Instagram post ideas that you should definitely try out in 2024 to build more engagement and followers –

1. Memes

Memes are a great way to capture the attention of your audience and bring in more shares, but make sure the meme is relevant to your niche and relatable to your audience.

You can post static or animated memes (gifs) as well. If you create your content on canva, then you can try canva meme maker where you already get some amazing meme templates to try out or GIPHY app integrated into canva for some funny gifs.

2. Behind the Scenes

Building a following on an Instagram page is not enough. The priority must be to build an engaged following – the audience that connects with you/brand and trusts you. So, share some behind the scenes and give your audience a sneak peek at how you work for your brand.

3. Promote your products/offers

Post about your product/offers and how it can help your audience. Promotion isn’t bad! Just consider 70-30 rule where 70% of your content is all about helping your audience and 30% is the promotional stuff.

It is all about building trust with your audience first and then sharing your products/service!

4. Join the Reel Trend

Reels are popular nowadays. The Algorithm and people love reels, so why not go with the trend! Make sure the reels you create are engaging and most importantly, relevant to your niche.

5. Customer Testimonials

Collect reviews from your customers/clients and post them in a text or video format. Customer testimonials are a great way to build trust with your audience and prospective clients or customers.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Answer a FAQ relevant to your niche or product and encourage your audience to ask questions.

7. Post about your team

If you’ve a team working with you, why not introduce the team members or highlight their achievements and appreciate how they help you with your brand? It will not only help you to connect better with your audience, but will also inspire your team to work harder on their respective roles.

8. What inspires you

Who inspires you? What was the inspiration behind your Instagram page? What inspires you to work hard and create content? Share a post on your inspiration and inspire others as well to work hard.

9. Share your win/progress

Share your accomplishment with your audience and thank them for their support.

10. Share a Quote

Sharing quotes is one of the best options when you are running short of time. And it is shareable content as well.

11. Share your industry news

Sharing a piece of industry news is another shareable content. Just make sure the news is relevant to your niche and audience.

12. Share your favorite apps/tools

Share your favorite apps that you personally use or list out the tools that would be helpful to your audience in your niche.

13. Share a How To

Sharing tutorials and tips are a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert. You can share this type of content as a carousel or a reel.

14. Share your journey

Share your professional/personal journey with your audience – your struggles and how you’ve come a long way. This will help you to engage better with your audience and will also inspire others as well to not give up on their dreams.

15. Industry Do’s and Don’ts

Are there any misleading assumptions about your products or industry? Help your audience and guide them with a Do’s and Don’ts post.

These were the 15 post ideas that you can use to spice up your Instagram feed in 2024. Hope this helps you to get more followers and build an engaging community for your brand.

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