Easiest ways to make money online with Fiverr

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15 Easy Ways to Make Money on Fiverr for Beginners (+ 2 BONUS IDEAS)

Are you a beginner with no prior experience? Are you looking for easy ways to make money on Fiverr? If the answer is “YES”, then you’re at the right place!

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can offer a wide range of services to clients all over the world. In this article, we’ll not only explore 15 easy gigs on Fiverr for beginners but will also provide you with some practical examples and valuable tips to get started with your freelancing journey on Fiverr (+ 2 BONUS ideas at the end).

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So, let’s dive into these 15 easy Fiverr gig ideas for beginners and learn some valuable tips along the way to make money online using Fiverr!

Easy Fiverr Gigs for Beginners

1. Instagram Engagement

Instagram engagement is extremely important for anyone who wants to succeed on the platform, whether you’re a business, a brand, an influencer, or just an individual looking to grow your following. A high level of engagement on your Instagram content not only helps you gain followers, but it also helps you get more sales and collaborations.

One way to increase engagement on your content is to engage with other users in your niche. This includes responding to comments, liking and commenting on the posts of other users, and so on. The task is straightforward, but it takes time. As a result, many people outsource this task. You can offer this service to your clients and make a good amount of money with this easy Fiverr gig. Refer to this gig for some inspiration –

2. Convert Article to Video

Offering text-to-video conversion service is a great way to earn money on Fiverr without any skills. You can use an AI tool called Invideo for this task. Invideo is a user-friendly tool that instantly converts a script to video without any editing.

To get started, you can create a sample video for your practice. Just pick any of the templates and you will be done in no time.

3. Simple Graphic Design

You can also offer simple graphic designing jobs like social media posts, banners, flyers, etc. There are many freelancers who are offering this service using Canva. Canva is a simple-to-use graphic design tool that offers a lot of ready-made templates to use.

So, if you’re a beginner with no prior experience, create a free account on Canva, get familiar with some basic things, and get started with your freelance journey on Fiverr.

Once you get familiar with using Canva, there are plenty of other ways to monetize your Canva skills and make money using Canva. Check out this post to learn more about 10 amazing ways to make money with Canva.

4. Transcription Service

A transcription is nothing but the document you create by typing down what you listen like an interview, podcast, audiotape, etc. You can either do this manually or use a tool like CapCut. It is one of the most versatile video editors and has a helpful feature called ‘Auto Captions’ that will help you automatically transcribe video to text in just 1 click.

There is another online tool called Veed.io that you can use to automatically transcribe audio to text. These tools utilize advanced speech recognition algorithms to convert spoken words into written text automatically. While they may not be 100% accurate, they provide a good starting point that can be edited and refined later.

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5. Social Media Content Creation

Another service you can offer on Fiverr is social media content creation. This might look overwhelming for a beginner, but trust me it’s not! You can use AI tools like ChatGPT for writing content, and captions. Then, just use Canva to create graphics. There is a wide variety of templates available on Canva for every niche and purpose, just use those templates with your client’s branding and the content you got from ChatGPT. For hashtags, you can use a free tool called Inflact to get some relevant hashtags according to your niche.

Tip: You can narrow down and pick a specific niche as per your interest and knowledge. This will help you to rank your gig and reach your targeted buyers.

Here is a sample gig for your reference –

Also, if you’re looking to upgrade your skill and take this as a long-term thing, you can learn more about social media content strategy here.

6. Proofreading Service

Proofreading simply means carefully checking for any errors like minor spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typos, and so on in a text. You can do this manually or take help of tools like ChatGPT, Grammarly, etc. to do the task.

7. Video Spokesperson

Another cool service that you can offer is being a video spokesperson. This type of service is used for video presentations for any educational videos, promotional videos, etc.

Check out this gig for more details and inspiration –

8. User Testing

User testing is simply testing and reviewing the website, app, or game from a user’s point of view. For example, if you’re testing for a website, you can check if there are any broken links, any inconsistency in the design, any errors in the functionality of pages, and so on. Check out this gig for your reference –

9. Adding Subtitles or Captions to Videos

A video with subtitles is accessible to more people. That is why more content creators and brands are looking for extra help in this area. Also, nowadays people love videos with engaging captions like Alex Hormozi style videos, so why not jump on the trend and monetize it?

My favorite tool is CapCut and VEED. It can be used for creating these type of videos because of its ‘Auto Captions’ feature and some amazing presets available, making your task easier and less time-consuming.

10. Offer Shoutout Promotion

This is one of the easiest services you can offer on Fiverr! If you’ve social media presence with an amazing following and an engaged audience, why not make use of it?

In the gig, you can mention the niche of your page, the number of followers you have, your engagement rate and where is your audience from. Mention as many details as possible for transparency. Refer to this gig for your reference –

11. Facebook Group Moderator

In this service, you can assist the Facebook group admin to keep track of group activities, keeping the group engaged and so on to ensure everything in the group is going smoothly. It is not rocket science, anyone can do this, even without prior experience. Take a look at this gig for more details –

12. Blog Writing

Another Fiverr gig idea in this list is blog writing. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still offer this service. For more visibility, you can pick a specific niche, write a couple of blog posts on that niche and offer the service at a comparatively low rate. Later, when you start getting good reviews and ratings, you can increase the charges accordingly.

This service has a lot of potential and you can even make this your long-term thing to make money online! Refer to this gig for more inspiration –

And if you want to level up your writing skills and want to become an expert in this field, here is a complete guide to blog post writing that will help you to optimize your content and stand out from your competitors in this field.

13. Business Names & Slogans

In this Fiverr gig, you have to suggest a few business name ideas and slogans to your client for their brand. The only skill you require here is creative thinking and the best part Is you can also take the help of ChatGPT for this task. Isn’t that amazing? Here’s a sample gig –

14. Blog Images

In this gig, you can help your client to design images for their blog according to their requirement. You can easily do this in Canva and deliver it to your client. Take a look at this gig –

15. Translation Service

If you’re proficient in at least two languages, why not make use of it? In this Fiverr gig, you can offer translation service to your clients and here is an example gig –

Don’t forget to check out the two Bonus Ideas at the end, but before that let’s understand what it takes to be a successful freelancer on Fiverr.

Tips to Succeed on Fiverr

As a beginner, there are a few important tips you can consider to stand out and increase your chances of success on Fiverr:

1. Choose a Specific Niche

Fiverr offers a wide variety of categories and subcategories. So, pick a niche that you’re most passionate about. This way, it is easier for you to continue your freelance journey and it also helps you to become an expert in a skill of your choice.

2. Create a Professional Profile

Your profile is something that can help the client to trust you for the job. So, make sure to optimize your profile by having a professional photograph of yourself, writing a good description of your experience and why someone should choose you, etc.

3. Communication is the key

Another important factor in building a client’s trust is communication. When someone enquires about your service, respond to messages promptly and in a professional way. Understand their requirements clearly and communicate their needs and expectations before starting any work.

4. Request Feedback

Give your best to deliver your work and encourage your clients to leave feedback on your work in a professional way. Positive feedback and ratings can help to boost your Fiverr gig and attract new clients eventually.

5. Upgrade Your Skills

It is important to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest developments in your niche and keep learning along the freelancing journey. And trust me, an investment in learning gives the best returns!

Here is a FREE course you can take to understand more about Fiverr and how to be a successful Fiverr seller.

How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills - Learn on Fiverr

You can also consider taking professional courses on some in-demand skills that are offered on Fiverr Learn.

This will not only help you to level up your skills, but you also get a course badge on your seller profile. This will help your clients to learn more about your professional background, and it is also one of the factors that can impact your visibility/ranking on Fiverr. Here’s how the badge will look on your profile –

Bonus Ideas to Make Money With Fiverr

1. Fiverr Affiliate

Trust me, one of the most lucrative ways to earn money on Fiverr without any skills is to become a Fiverr Affiliate. Yes, you don’t need to create any gig for this. All you have to do is to promote Fiverr with your network and get paid to drive traffic. The best thing about promoting Fiverr is that it is a known and trusted platform and affordable as well, so there are high chances of conversion.

Getting an approval here is easy, so don’t miss your chance on this!

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2. Service Arbitrage

Another trick to make money in the freelancing world is service arbitrage. Service arbitrage simply means to get an order from a client, outsource the work to another freelancer, deliver the completed work, and keep the difference amount. So, basically, buying for less and selling with your margin. Also, finding a reliable freelancer for this idea to work out smoothly is important. So, If you wish to follow this method, Fiverr can definitely be a great place for you to check out some talented freelancers at an affordable rate.

In conclusion, Fiverr is an amazing and the most trusted platform for anyone to start their freelancing journey. Use the Fiverr gig ideas shared here as a starting point and customize them to your interests. It is important to remember that success on Fiverr takes time, effort, and patience. Focus on learning, practicing, improving yourself, delivering high-quality work, and building a positive relationship with your clients can help you to gain better visibility on Fiverr.

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