How to Grow Motivational Page on Instagram

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How to Grow Motivational Page on Instagram to Spark a Positive Movement

Many people check their Instagram more than a few times daily, but that is not always a bad thing. When people follow motivational Instagram pages, the content can give them strength and guidance when they need it the most. If you have benefitted from the quotes and inspirations you found on these pages, you may want to start a motivational Instagram page yourself.  

Newcomers can grow their motivational page quickly and become a noteworthy voice on the platform… Yes, it is possible! However, you have to do more than merely post random quotes on your account if you want it to become a prominent name in the field. If you are curious to know how to grow motivational page on Instagram, then you are at the right place!

In this article, we will discuss a few helpful tips that can help you with the roadmap of creating and growing your motivational page on Instagram, but before that let’s understand how to create motivational content for your page because CONTENT is the King!

How To Create Motivational Content For Instagram

In the crowded world of motivational pages on Instagram, it’s super important to stand out. And the best way to do that is by posting awesome motivational stuff on your page.

Now, there are two ways to go about this:

The first way is to make everything yourself. You design cool pictures, find motivational videos, and edit them all by yourself. It takes more time, but it gives your page a personal touch. You can also use Canva templates for this. Just pick a template you like, edit the quote and post it.

The second way is much simpler and saves you time. You can use pre-made content, like a big pack of 500 ready-to-go motivational videos and 300 Spiritual Affirmations Videos. This not only saves you a ton of time but also provides you with content that has the potential to go viral and attract maximum audience to your page in less time.

Bonus Tip:

Combine both the approaches i.e., Canva for static posts and post content from the Motivational Viral Videos Pack as reels and stories. Achieve balance with images, carousel posts, and video content for versatility.

How to Grow Motivational Page on Instagram?

Creating a motivational page on Instagram is easy, but growing it may not be that simple. You need to be careful about the content you post and also use the analytical tools properly to find out what works and what doesn’t. Here are some effective tips for you to get started and grow your motivational page on Instagram

1. Pick an Appropriate Name

A boring name may prevent potential audiences from following your page, so you need to be creative about your page name. If you are unsure about the page name, you can always Google motivational page name ideas to get some ideas.

Additionally, you can also get help from ChatGPT for some good name suggestions for your motivational page.

Bonus Tip: Pick a name that is short, relevant, and easy to remember.

2. Write a Great Bio

Ensure your Instagram bio for motivational page is appealing to the target audience. To impress your followers, you must inform them who you are, why you create motivational content, and your goal with the page. Be honest and open while creating a bio because being truthful is the best strategy for attracting people to your page.

Bonus Tip: Keep the short and simple, and use emojis to make it look cool and catchy.

Here’s an example of a cool bio that I came across:

Motivational Page Bio Example for Instagram
Credit: Instagram @femaleboss_mindset

3. Create Unique Content

There is no shortage of Instagram motivational pages, so if you want to stand out, you need to have unique content for your page. Your content is the main focus of your page, so be careful about what you offer to your followers. Never compromise with quality because quantity is not enough to attract followers.  

4. Impressive Images

Every motivational quote needs the perfect background image that helps the words make a true impact. Getting the followers’ attention is your main objective, so the quote images should be so eye-catching that can stop the scroll. You can go for a solid, monochromatic background, but a picture background is often more effective in making a lasting impression.

Here are some quote templates that you can just edit and reuse as many times as required:

5. Maintain Regularity of Your Posts

One of the key components to becoming successful on Instagram and gaining a large following is the posting frequency. Analytics show that the most reach will come from posting at least once or twice daily, but for the motivational page, I’d suggest posting at least 4-5 times a day. Greater reach is incredibly helpful if you want to grow your account.

Plus, keeping the motivational quotes page consistent is easy since it doesn’t take much time to create content for these pages.

6. Competitor Research and Analysis

Identify the best motivational page on Instagram and check the content. Note the similarities and differences between this content and your posts to get the idea of what makes the best impressions on followers.

7. Hashtag Analytics

Understanding how well your hashtags work is essential for growing your page. Use hashtag analytics tools to quickly learn about your top keywords and the most popular related hashtags used on Instagram. Determine which hashtags perform the best by comparing the results of multiple posts with the same hashtags.

8. Collaborate with Established Motivational Influencers

Collaboration with the right influencers can be a good strategy for growing your page because it can help you find a wider audience and connect with them. This is one of the tried and tested strategies for page growth.

Bonus Tip: Don’t just directly jump into someone’s DM for the collaboration. Make a genuine bond with them by interacting with their posts and stories. This way it becomes easier for you to connect with the creator and collaborate with them.

9. Interact with Your Followers

Your ability to interact with your followers can affect how quickly you find success on the platform. Actively respond to their comments and be attentive to their content requests because people watch your content when they like your personality. Increased interaction also means increased visibility, another factor behind growth.

10. Strategic Calls-to-Action

Encourage your followers to engage with your motivational content through likes, shares, and comments. A strong call to action not only boosts interaction but also attracts a broader audience, fueling the growth of your inspirational Instagram page.

CTA Example:

Feeling inspired? Tag a friend who needs this boost today! 💪✨ Let’s share the positivity with others 😊


Do motivational Instagram accounts make money?

Yes, you can earn money from motivational Instagram accounts by partnering with brands. If you focus on growing your page and achieve a large number of followers, brands will contact you for promotion and then you can pick the brands you want to work with. 

Is motivation a good niche on Instagram?

Yes, the number of followers of motivational content on Instagram is constantly growing. If you create a motivational page and put enough time and effort into it, there is no doubt that you will be successful in growing your page.  

How do I become a motivational influencer?

The job of motivational influencers is to inspire people and guide them through the difficulties they face in everyday life. To become a motivational influencer, you need authenticity and compassion. If you can summarize complicated feelings into a few words that can guide people through hardship, you have the quality to become a motivational influencer. Share your posts regularly and interact with people to grow your Instagram followers quickly. You can also promote brands and connect with other influencers to become more visible on Instagram. 

Final Thoughts

Having a large following is essential for success on social media, and that is why it is necessary to provide content that energizes your followers. So, these were a few tried and tested tips on how to grow motivational page on Instagram that will help you reach a wider audience and truly inspire them. You can grow your account quickly if you are willing to put in the necessary time and work and see the benefits in just a few months.

Also, Keep in mind that social media growth varies for each individual. Set achievable goals, stay committed, and practice patience – your motivational page is bound to flourish over time.

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